Monday, January 19, 2009

Umeboshi onigiri

My onigiri! Finally got the hang of it. :) Today's are filled with pickled plum, umeboshi. What I did was cut open an umeboshi, took out the seed, then spread it out in between clumps of rice, then formed it in the mold. (Does that make sense?? Rice, umeboshi, rice. I confused myself x_x) Actually, cuz they're so small, I did 1 1/2 umeboshi to each onigiri.

And the morning snack was 2 mini Jellys, that have bits of lychee in them. I think. I'm not entirely positive about that.

I had made a bento for today, but my dad came in and said "You wanna go to lunch with us? Good, let's go." Lol, no choice for me! x_x;;;


  1. Thanks for posting the pic of the onigiri with the bite taken out of it! ^^ Now, I know how I am supposed to make mine! You are turning into quite the Bento Master! *bows to Ryry-Sama*

  2. I wish I'd figured out to cut up the umeboshi and remove the seed before putting it in the Onigiri. For my first umeboshi onigiri, a whole plum is a bit too much!