Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Kam Man!

We took an elongated trip to Kam Man and really had a nice long look around. And lo and behold...

A wall of bento boxes.

So we did all our shopping, and this is all I came up with. So much stuff that I never saw before!!!

I will go through everything I got :)

Yay! Starting at the bottom left and working right, some dried noodles, instant udon, then up to the panko breadcrumbs, then the big round wheel is a big thing of mochi, and the little ones on top are individual red bean mochi. The bottle is soba noodle soup base, for dipping cold noodles into on hot days! (Example: Tenchi movie 2)

This is a mini sushi mat on the bottom right, instant mild curry, a lychee juice drink, on the left of the can is a small bottle of nori paste, above the sushi mat is an onigiri mold, and to the left is my new snack bento! Also, I got an Initial D dvd for $1. With english subs! Woot!

The first snack in my new bento was for Kelley, with sliced apple, and some vanilla yogurt in a cute paper cupcake holder.

And last, at Walmart (aka slave labor mart, as I like to call it), I got a new griddle, just for making yummy bento food! (But I convinced Kelley to let me get it by promising french toast on it!)

Here's an action shot! I was just starting to make fried rice on it! (It came out great!!!)

Last, I got the 'Manga Cookbook!' It has terribly corny drawings, but there are some nice recipes in there. Some are a little silly... (apples cut like bunnys... waste of a few pages, when instead something that you actually *cook* could be in there...) but others are nice. (Okonamiyaki!!)


    How do you ever decide which one to get, I'd probably stand there forever! Haha..

    You are lucky, I haven't seen a store like that in this city - at all. -_-

    Looking forward to your next bento creation! ^^

  2. I stood there for a loooong time! haha! I was amazed... I finally went in with an idea of cute, and went from there. The ones with English on them were out, cuz they were so corny ^^;;;

  3. Mind-boggling bento display. Your groceries look delightful.