Tuesday, December 15, 2009


First off... happy holidays!!

So as far as my cosplay stuff, I have a store up! http://www.etsy.com/shop/rynskittyboutique
I take commissions, so if there's anything you want, lemme know, and I can see what I can whip up! Lately I have been making furry animal ears :) They're super fun to make, and I think they come out really cute.

These are the latest ones I have made, so far I have also made kitty and fox ones, they're all for sale on my site.

Not too much cooking sadly, time has been crazy, what with work and martial arts and just running around like a crazy person. I hope to get in some great recipes this these next couple holiday weekends. Wheee~ Maybe some hamantashen... traditional Jewish cookies of amazingness.

Monday, November 9, 2009

More Cosplay goodness

This past weekend I made a bunch of headband cosplay accessories to sell :) I'm very pleased with how they came out. I should have taken "action shots", or people wearing them, buttt I forgot to XD I'll try to take some when I can.

So far I have 3 sets of white Chobits ears, a black pair just for kicks, 3 Haruhi headbands, and one goth-lolita type headband. I will def be making more of the loli headbands, people usually make those little hats and such, but some people dont want to deal with actually putting them on and off. This is a much easier alternative, and I hope they'll sell well :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night I went on a baking binge! Everything was completely homemade, no premade anything ^^ I usually don't bake, so it was really fun for me :)

Honey Cinnamon Yogurt Muffins,

and an Apple Tart with Brown Sugar Crust. (Note to self next time, peel the apples beforehand x_x cutting this to eat some was a pain in the butt haha!)

Thanks to Kelley for the pictures!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today's bento! The one on the right is for Steve, who is staying with us for a bit. Mine is on the left, bottom tier has rice and tamagoyaki, and the top tier has some leftover chicken that I cooked with spice and a little Bulldog sauce, edamame, mini sweet pickles, and mini shrimp and crab spring rolls! Steve's has just rice, tamagoyaki, and chicken. ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

Work done so far!

Completed to sell so far: 1 set leg warmers. 6 armbands. 1 (mostly finished) pleated skirt.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My stuff!

Last night I was cleaning and rearranged my bento cabinet so that everything actually fit!

These are all the bento boxes themselves. at the back are all my stackables, including my chinese box and the food tube! Middle row has the onigiri box, the (currently collapsed) mini bento, the long manly bento, and my salad container. Up front are the furoshikis and belts, and my latch top, and my (currently collapsed) blue bento that I always use. I collapse them so that they store better.

These are the accessories! My insulated bag is in the back, next to my 7-11 Domo cups and straws!! In front of them is my fairly large collection of chopsticks, to the left of that is my newest, stainless steel collapsible chopsticks and case! Under that are my different picks, and containers and dividers, in the back right are the okonomiyaki package, gyoza makers, onigiri formers, wooden picks for whatever, mini sushi mat, mini spoons and forks, and in the middle is my octopus hot-dog maker! hehe :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Bagel and cream cheese with lox (smoked salmon). Nomnomnom. Very Jewish haha

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Long time since the last post! x_x
My summer post!!
Saw RENT- already mentioned that, but here is the one picture I got, of the woman who played Maureen!

Also this summer, I went to the Museum of Bad Art! There, they had a fake camera (sorry for the dark picture, it was very dark there, it's in the basement of the Dedham Theatre, just outside the men's bathroom) to make sure no one did anything to the art there. The MOBA is just as it sounds, it's a museum showcasing bad art, whether it be from lack of technical skill to just plain WTF-ness. haha! There are rules to what qualifies or not.

NOW! This is my food blog, so here's some food pictures!!

Fresh pasta and sauce, with brioche roll.


Dip the cube steak into first buttermilk (milk and a bit of lemon) then flour and spice mix, then egg wash, then breadcrumb mix. I use panko and seasoned breadcrumbs mixed up.

Pan fry the cube steak

Make sure it's cooked all the way through! Then NOM! Goes great with white spiced gravy and potatoes!

A random bento I had:

(Ate half before I remembered to take a pic! Oops!) Rice with seasoning, mac and cheese, and leftover chicken fried steak!

A cake I made!

Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting, topped with sprinkles and a few maraschino cherries.

Now THIS I had the other day! I took my friend to Porter Square for some real Japanese food.

I had Oyakodon (literally parent and child bowl, chicken and egg), miso soup, and my friend and I shared some takoyaki! It was soooo good! My friend is now begging me to go back again haha! Another converted person to Japanese food!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food toobage!

Breakfast! 2 mini choco donuts, a small piece of cornbread, and some choco pudding!

Lunch! A mini salad, mac and cheese, and chicken parm and ziti! NOMNOM. For dessert, 2 hard candies.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo dump!

Awesome weekend. *dies* wheeee!!
Its a (to take Avie's phrase from Aviesbento.com) RPW!! (Random picture weekend!)

FIRST OFF my food bloggage!

My first hotpot!! I sat at the counter so its an individual thing, theres a hole in front of each person with a heat pad under it, and a pot of whatever soup base you want comes out, then each food item that you order comes out raw, then after its boiled, you dump it in, it cooks super fast (in a matter of 30 seconds to a minute or two) then enjoy!! NOMNOM. It was my first one so I accidentally ordered wayyy too much, I didn't realize how much they gave you!! X_X!! I forgot to take a pic until I was mostly done! SORRY!

Next! A pic of some random guy in Cambridge that I took a while ago.

Oh, Cambridge. You're so silly.

NEXT! This past Tuesday was Warped Tour 09! It was fun...but IT WAS RAINING ARGH. Which sucks when this all happens OUTSIDE. What that translates to? This huge music tour, 50 bands, and because we were soaked and miserable, we saw 3. *shrug* ah well...

Lannen Fall! Yay local Boston bands!

Scary Kids Scaring Kids! They played my 2 fave songs, I was happy. =D

After that, on Saturday, was the Dew Tour ISF World Skateboarding Championships. It was so much more fun than I thought I would have. We stayed from 1 until 8pm haha! We had great seats for both sessions.
First was womens and mens park. Here's the course!


It's super hard to see, (IT'S A CELL PHONE ARGHHH) but even though he wasn't competing... TONY HAWK WAS THERE!! SO COOL!
After park was vert. We stayed for the womens (dude... there was a 13 year old competing.) competition, and saw the guys practicing, but we were tired by that time, and just left. :)
This one girl was trying to land a trick that would have made her the 1st girl to ever land it in any championship ever, but when we left she had only come veeeeery close a few times. It was cool to see all the guys, Tony Hawk included, trying to give her advise. =D

And last but not least... we saw RENT last night!!!

AHHH it was so awesome! Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp playing their roles as Roger and Mark! *squee*

And that's it for now folks!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My weekend!!!

FINALLY THE SUN HAS COME OUT!!! This was a good weekend! =D

Saturday night Kelley and I went to the Barnstable County Fair! It was fun. We walked around and got some things, mostly fair food. (So unhealthy, so gooooood.) We saw Eddie Money. (Rocker from the 70's.) Only pic I got was of 2 of my fave birds!

Peregrine and arctic gyrfalcon!

Friday I was exploring Quincy and I saw part of Hancock St. blocked off for a street sidewalk sale type dealie lol. So I stopped and and wandered around, and brought Kelley to see it on Saturday morning. I got this cell phone charm from an Asian lady...

Why are the people crying ?! It is soy beans that pop up when you squeeze the side and are happy haha! Very cute!

Sunday I packed a picnic bento and Kelley and I took Ichigo out to a big open field near my old high school and played. :) Those pics will be up later.

My bento was in the top tier: Mini chicken gyoza. Bottom tier: Bamboo shoots, edamame, and a few candies. I had already chowed down a bit before I remembered to take a picture haha I was starving! This was my 1st time eating edamame... I like it!! =D

Also, a while ago my awesome friend Avie (aviesbento.com) sent me a bento care package!! I FINALLY TOOK PICS!!!

OK! so from top to bottom I got....
a puppy bento belt
strawberry milk tea
silicone cups to put stuff in
onigiri wraps
a beautiful furoshiki
a couple mini containers, like a mayo sauce bottle, and a little tiny square box thing
3 prong mini food picks
BOTAN candy (amazing)
and some random assortment of candies!
also some mini rilaukkuma notecards =D

THANK YOU SO MUCH AVIE!!! I'm sorry it took so long to write about! D:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lantern Festival 2009!

Last night was the Lantern Festival in JP in Boston. (Jamaica Plain is an area in Boston.) It was.....awesome!!!

Schedule: Came at 6pm, started out by making a lantern for the launch at dusk. First on the makeshift stage was Chinese dancers, then some gospel. Then some students over here for work-study at Showa Boston from Japan did a traditional Bon Festival Dance. Awesome! Their yukatas were so beautiful as well...

After that was a traditional Balinese dance about the flirting of 2 bumblebees. And then... the main event! The Academy of Kobudo did a presentation of their Samurai Taiko Drumming and Martial Arts! It was SO COOL. I am seriously thinking about joining.

After that was the lantern launching and bagpipes to accompany.So pretty...

This whole festival I thought would be a small event, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE. It was packed! Whole families came and brought picnic lunches... aw it was so cool. I had a great time.

I took a few videos, I will be trying to upload them to my youtube, until then heres an example from last year of the same Taiko drummers group. (They do it every year.)


EDIT: see my channel for the vids i took! http://www.youtube.com/user/scarscryblood

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick Post

left side: tamagoyaki, and for dessert, apple spice blintzes. right side: shrimp shumai, and mini shrimp and crab spring rolls. :)

Made it last night, a little disappointed for the lack of colors. Forgot to bring my cherries i had gotten from my parents for a snack haha ^^;

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finnish Foods!

Last week I went on a magical journey to Boston to find some elusive Finnish foods.
After some extensive interneting, I found 1 place that sells some!
Cardullo's! A little store in Harvard Square that I've been to before and forgotten about. Hah!

This is what I got!

2 bottles of Kristall, (Swedish nommy light soda, pear and black currant, only pear is shown right now, i accidentally tossed the other bottle!) Finnish sweet licorce, regular salt salmiakki, and double salt salmiakki! I didn't know if I was going to like it (I do like licorice a lot) but I do! Not enough to toss a bunch in my mouth at once, but one at a time slowly eating it it's pretty good! :D

Wasn't too expensive, I think for all that it was $14.

Yay! If anyone else has any recommendations, lemme know! I almost got marzipan (which I've had before) and turkish delight, but it was a little too expensive for that trip haha!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cosplay post!

These are my cosplay.com posts about my costume ^^


(Associated pics) (I'm holding up my skirt to show them off ahhahaha)


(Associated pics)

No lunch post today, all I have is leftover Hamburger Helper haha!