Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night Kelley and I had an impromptu inaugural party! Happy Obama Day, the sequel! (The 1st was when he won the election.) So I decided to play bartender and cook. (No pics, sorry, was too busy!) Picked up some stuff at the supermarket, and got to it!

First, I made mini pizzas. I had bought some dough premade, so i took little balls and spread them out on a pizza pan, and added sauce and cheese. Popped them in for 8 mins, and voila! Took a max of 30 mins, most of it prep.

Next, I made 3 tamagoyaki rolls. Cut them up into slices and stuck toothpicks into them. They were gone within an hour or two. I had a request to make more!! :) (By the way: my recipe is- 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon veggie oil, and a dash of sea mineral salt. I put half in the pan, and add a broken up slice of cheese. Let it cook thoroughly. Push to the side of the tamagoyaki pan, and add the rest of the egg in a sheet style. I will add pictures later! Let it cook most of the way evenly, pushing the egg around and such, until there's only a liiiiiittle left on top that's not cooked. Roll the egg into the roll shape, and let cook on either side for a little bit, to make sure it gets heated. Slice and enjoy after cooling!)

A little later, I whipped out my sushi mat, and made crab meat, cucumber, and carrot sushi. Those were gone in 10 minutes.

After that, I made homemade chicken, lettuce, carrot dumplings. They had to cool down, but it was still very quick for them to leave the plate, maybe 15 mins.

After that! I was done haha!! I went to bed!! :D

I also was bartender for the night haha. It was clear my drinks were the best, as they were all finished, and I was walking around picking up half finished drinks that had been made too strong by my friends.
Trick: Juice tastes better than cheap vodka. XD Mixing well is a drinksaver, as well.


  1. You are quite the hostess - it seems! I am mad that you didnt take pics but your descriptions were wonderful! And like I keep telling you - you are inspiring me to try to make tamagoyaki again. :)

  2. "what time is it?" "1:11 in the morning", "oh shit, I have to go to bed".

  3. Sounds like a great party! How neat for your guests to be able to watch you make sushi rolls.

  4. haha! most of them were drunk in the other room playing halo, only 2 were near me to notice what I was even doing! But one of my friends played waiter and took them around the room, and when he came back they were gone!