Friday, January 9, 2009

Kam Man market

Ok, so where I get my Asian food is usually just Stop & Shop for basics, but for the hard to find stuff, I go to Kam Man. They are, in a word, epic.
This is the front of the Quincy store.

Inside it are 48 small glass seperated stores for anything an asian family might need in the Boston area. DVD store, Cds, books, BOBA TEA!!!, a little restaurant, medicinal stuff, etc. On the far left is a bank, and a market for dishes (which are SO cheap!!!), cooking stuff, home stuff! Like a Chinese Wal-Mart. Here's some soy sauce dispensers! They also have little ones for bentos.

On the far right however, is the supermarket part.

Produce department

They have a very fresh seafood department, complete with a huge tank of fresh live tilapia that you can pick from, crabs, lots of different fish and shellfish. There is also a butcher, and a cooked food department with some tables. A very extensive produce department. And in the aisles are lots of foods, from Chinese, to Korean, to Japanese. Snacks, pastas, steamed buns, mochi, pastes, sauces, currys, ahhh so much stuff! I find something new every time I go in there!

Here's the butcher dept., and in the far back you can see some of the seafood tanks.

Last, an article from the local newspaper!

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