Friday, February 27, 2009

Breakfasty foods!

Today I got up in time to make breakfast and lunch!! Yay!!

For breakfast, I had half a tamagoyaki, and some strawberry yogurt with starfruit and a little bit of strawberry drizzle in it! I loves me some starfruit. Unfortunately in transit the yogurt didn't look like this anymore!! XD

Lunch was a mix of breakfast and lunch foods! The other half of the tamagoyaki, some blueberry sausage from Hannafords cut up into pieces, (YUM!!) and a small salad of carrots, celery, and lettuce with some low fat Caesar dressing! :D

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Italian Japanese

Last night as I was wandering my kitchen looking for food to eat, I figured I would clean out the fridge before stuff went bad. I had leftover dumpling wrappers, pizza sauce, and mushrooms. What to make? Of course! Pizza dumplings!

I had initially thought, ew, this is going to be gross, because the wrapper won't fit in with the sauce taste. I was so, so wrong. They tasted just like little crispy calzones. They rocked. I had to make more. But I was out of mushrooms! So I made cheese and sauce ones! Just as amazing. Yum!!! I had wanted to save some for lunch today, but that didn't happen haha oops!

I did learn that you do NOT want gyoza wrappers to get wet before you pan fry them, however. They blow RIGHT up, and then pop and all the filling comes out! I WTFed quite loud the 1st time that happened, and all it takes is a LITTLE bit of water...

so yea!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Take along maki

Whee! This was my lunch today. Sticky rice with soy sauce flavored furikake, and nori strips. The nori brand I bought is Korean, and thinner than ones that I normally get, but still good! Each pack has 8 strips in it. :) Nom Nom Nom!!!

Japanese food finds

Asian mart post!!

So, the Kam Man has been switching around it's stock, making room for the new beer and wine section that will be there in the spring. I have steadily noticed that they keep getting more and more Japanese items, which is awesome, yet frustrating, because a few times I scoured every single aisle looking for a couple items, and couldn't find it, yet browsing, I see the dashi, for example, and out loud accidentally went 'goddamn bastards!!'. Hah. ^^;;; It really took so long, before... ugh.

Here's my small haul last night before the girl dragged me away.
Small packages of nori strips for lunches, dried wakame, hon-dashi packets, my beloved jasmine green tea, and rainbow boba balls!!! Yay!

A note on jasmine tea. It's amazing. It's got 0 calories, 0 everything, just a little bit of sodium from the preservatives so it doesn't go bad in the store. And it tastes very very good. *nod*

I made some of the boba last night, and put my jasmine tea in it. It was ok, but milk tea goes a lot better with it. (Lollicup FTW!!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lazy bento...

In an effort to both be lazy and healthier, today's bento is very simple. (I really need to lose weight ugh!! And I'm not obsessed by it, it's just that I'm too poor to buy new clothes in a new size!! Haha)

Top tier is simple sugar snap peas and mini carrots, as many as I could shove in. Bottom tier is leftover Hamburger Helper Lasagne, and to fill in the extra space in the bento and in my tummy, a little white rice. Viola!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

i haven't forgotten you!

Haven't posted in a while... haven't been bentoing! oh no! I blame poorness haha... and super business... and mostly LAZINESS!

I do have to upload my recent finds at the Asian market. They are undergoing a small remodel, and the last time I went, I found quite a few more Japanese things than they normally have! Like... an okonamiyaki spatula. I found 2 of them and got them immediately. Also, a hot dog cutter for octopus shape, and a small mortar and pestle, and hmm... they had some new styles of mini silverware, and Kelley got her 1st bento box! Awww! Pics later!

Also, recently, she made me her 1st bento! I was so hungry at the time, I ate it and then regretted not taking a pic first! It was some fresh sugar snap peas, and grilled rice with green onions. Plain, but good! Yay!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


New kitty Ren, aka Renji!

Tinkerbell, our 1st kitty! Looking mad/sketchy in this pic XD

My puppy, Ichigo! (Originally NOT named for Ichigo from Bleach! Only named cuz he's a scaredy dog and I wanted to name him a feminine japanese name because of that... so Strawberry it was!)

Kelley! yay! *love*

XD my parental units haha

and last...

this just sums up so much hahahaha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ho hum...

Not much for lunch today... A day's 'special' riceball from the japanese market, Kotobukiya. And a pudding lol. The onigiri is 'fried chicken' inside, it's a little spicy lol. *sigh*