Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monster Bento!!

This thing is huge. I knew this when I opened up the packaging last night. So the top I made like a breakfast type thing with a piece of pound cake with strawberries, and a couple slices of leftover apples.

For the lunch part, I made tamagoyaki with my new pan, and it came out awesome!! Sliced it up nicely after it had cooled. Put them on a small bed of rice, and filled the space with some salad.

Last, the main meal portion is homemade dumplings! Inside them are leftover chicken, chopped carrots, and some lettuce!


  1. Oh! Your gyoza are amazing! You have inspired me to try to make them!!! I like your idea of using a larger bento box to hold breakfast and lunch! GREAT JOB RYRY!!! \0/

  2. ^^ thank you!! I made them with the insides already cooked, I dunno how to make them any other way as of yet, nor can I deep fry things right now, so I just pan fried them quickly. (They cook fast!)

  3. ...*passed out while ryn was cooking for an hour, at 11p.m. no less*