Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today's bento: Veggie instant curry over rice, rice burgers, carrots, and failed tamagoyaki. For a snack, a red bean mochi!

The curry is Golden Curry brand, pre-packaged, mild curry. Yummyness! This is my 1st time having it. I might try putting it in the bento a different way, or try putting some color on top next time.

The rice burgers I got from a recipe from my new Manga Cookbook, and it worked out well, I was just rushing so one fell apart. haha! They have cheese and cabbage in them. Plus some carrots for the veggies!

Last: the failed tamagoyaki. I need to alter that recipe, cuz the one in the book was kind of... not good. Ugh. So, I got fed up after 10 mins, and just cooked the eggs haha. They're really good, I like the little bit of sugar in the recipe. Just how to get them as a roll was the epic fail part. The book uses aluminum foil to roll it while theyre still slightly runny. Yea, no. Bad idea. The eggs stick to the foil, and don't finish cooking all the way. Next time, I'll probably just cook them very thin, then roll it up and slice it.

I love that brand mochi. It's nomtastic.


  1. Oh yum! Curry is awesome!! Did you mix in any veggies or just use the packet as is? I like to sprinkle some parsley or cilantro on top for color.

    Tamagoyaki is not easy to make at all! I have tried once and while it came out pretty it didnt taste right... back to the drawing board for me too!

  2. i just used the packet as is, i was rushing by that time. ima add in chicken next time!

  3. Ooh, curry! Did it take long to make? Takes my mum like 2 hours to make any type of curry..>_> which is scary, because I'm supposed to learn how to make this stuff.
    It looks very familiar, though. Hope you really liked it! Looking forward to when you make it again! (you should try different types - and, I wonder, do you like them spicy? ^^ )

  4. took 1 minute to make! XD its instant, it comes in a pouch ^^ i don't like spicy curry... *tries to beat FLCL images from my head lol!!*