Monday, January 26, 2009

Porter Square, Cambridge MA

Trip to the Porter Exchange!! I was in the area, otherwise it's a trip out there, at least 45 minutes on the train in.
We started off by going to Kotobukiya, the Japanese market, but I'll get to that in a bit.

After the market, we went to the Japonaise Bakery! Yum!!

I got a chocolate cornet for then, and another for lunch today, and for breakfast today I got a custard-filled bun! They were sooo good! I also got a cold Jasmine tea.

At the store, they have snacks and stuff up front, and some instant ramen and such. Along one side there's some fridge stuff, and along the back is the frozen, the fish market, and the fridge section where I know they make onigiri, but every time I've been there...THEY'RE SOLD OUT! Every. Single. Time. Agh! One day!! *shakes fist* Going around the corner, there are cooking ingredients. Plus, more snacks! Past that, there's a Japanese movie rental in the back.

Here's what I got! Up top, is mochiko, or sweet rice flour! The two buns are maple flavored buns. I got a small Bull-dog sauce! Plus, the hard to find okonomi sauce, for okonamiyaki! Below that is bonito flakes and seaweed, red beans, and some more rice because I was out.

I also found some taiyaki hanging out in the freezer section! These are red bean filled, fish shaped cakes.

I got home, and was chilly still, so I made some soup to warm me up. Made up some udon and made some miso, mixed it, and yum! I didn't have any regular seaweed, so I tried breaking up nori as substitute. It was still good, but you could definitely tell that there was a bit too much salt because of that.


  1. agh! what happened to those orange purple white thingies I helped make eh... have to wait til lunch? :)

  2. yep!!! ^^ i should totally have taken pics though, huh XD

  3. Ryry -

    That udon miso soup sounds yummy! I like to sprinkle furikake on my udon and it is basically the same as nori (more or less) and I LOVE the super saltyness! :)