Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ghetto Bento

There's nothing quick to put together in the house!!

So, I made stuff up XD

New correct-ish portion bento. Kinda.... ugly. *shrug* But it works! 3 jellys, one regular, 2 yogurt jellys, and 2 koolaid. The shotglass is sauce for what's inside, I had nothing else. :(

Inside! Front is provolone wrapped salad. I really had not much lol. Next, sliced pickled green tomatoes. My mom made them over the summer, they've been pickling since abouttt... June? July? Possibly August/Sept., I can't remember. Last is cold soba. The sauce is to dip the soba in. I know it's a summer food, but It was all I had!! TT_TT

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