Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kam Man shopping

Spent too much last night, but still, total, only $70. For everything, food and otherwise.

Woo! OK, 1st, the supplies. Top to bottom this time! Up top, there's a 3pack of cooking chopsticks, a new bento that holds a looooot more than it seems like it can, a tamagoyaki pan, 2 spatulas, yakitori skewers, and ravioli molds! The tamagoyaki pan I was very happy with, its quite thick, and nonstick (Very very nonstick. It's quite slick without any oil added.), and although it can't be seen well right now, one end is curved inside to help with the initial rolling. Plus in the background I got a bargain book from Borders! ^_^

Cute new lunch utensils!! They are all mini! The chopsticks have little chickies on them. The spoon says love & peace on it. The fork is actually kind of purple-y. (The pic didn't come out well.)

Food market side! Let's see, left to right, somen and udon, dumpling wraps (for today's bento!!), fresh udon, cooking sake, milk tea (for today's bento as well), dashi miso, red miso, moon cakes (they were...not appealing to me. Ugh. >.<), and last, umeboshi for my onigiri escapades!!


  1. Repeat after me. "My name is Ryry and I am a Bento-holic"! LOL! Great finds! Once again, i am totally jealous of all the awesome-ness u find at ur Asian market! I cant wait to see ur next bento lunch!

  2. ^^ My name is Ryry... and...and... I can't say it!! I'M COMING BENTO!!! *runs off to the asian market!!* XD

  3. *drool* look at all the stuff!

    Hey - I went to school in Quincy! You can make me homesick and probably will.

  4. And now you're in Scotland? Wow! :D I went to school in Duxbury :) My cousins live in Quincy though!

  5. South of Boston, above Plymouth, right next to Kingston. :D