Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sunday Kelley and I were in Boston, so we made a trip (in the snow!!!) to the Japanese market, Kotobukiya!
STILL couldn't find the powdered milk tea! AGH!

This is the American version of my fave jasmine green tea! Apparently, it can be found at Target, I got mine at Hannafords! It is usually in the healthy food section of supermarkets! Also, I got a UCC coffee of Eva fame to try! Havent tried it yet! Kotobukiya had it both chilled and heated!

I also got some more store made onigiri, bonito and special of the day: beef teriyaki flavors! And some seaweed salad!! Yum! Also in the picture is the stuff that I got from the bakery! A curry doughnut, a custard bun, and a melon pan, which is just bread with a sugary coating made to LOOK like a melon. Doesn't taste like one at all!

Last, I picked up some extra firm tofu (the only way I like mine, you can do more with it), some amazing furikake, and a half size Kewpie mayo container, just to try it! (It was still expensive! x_x)

All for $30!! XD


  1. HOW FUN!!

    I have seen the melon pan before but never tried it! Maybe I will pick one up next time! Kewpie mayo is awesome good! You are going to love it! What flavor furikake did you get? I like the veggie flavor best! ^^

    Hey, I can always mail you some milk tea if you cant find it! Just let me know!

  2. I gottt katsuo fumi furikake! It has shaved bonito, sesame seed, sugar, salt, soy sauce, seaweed.

    Yes pleaseee for milk tea!! Strawberry! ^^