Wednesday, March 18, 2009


First off....

If you can't read it, it's a cup from Boston Market that says:Please do not insert straw into nose. Thank you.

*shakes head* ok. now, today's bento!!

All nice and pretty in its matching thermal bag! 2 clementines, and some pudding!

Salad dressing is pretty darn hard to fit into those little sauce holders, even using the biggest ones. And then to clean it! Agh. lol! Some cucumber slices, and some carrots, and in the top tier is some leftover Hannaford's shells and sausage meat sauce! YUM. A bit of a bite in it, but very tasty.


  1. YIPPEE! I have to tell you how much I love your blue bento box. As you know I have the same one and I just adore the color. I am super jealous of your thermal baggie too! ^^

    You need a salad dressing container... They are bigger and have a wider opening at the top... I am sure you will see them in your store soon. If not - let me know and I can send you one.

    To clean those little shoyu bottles - just get a bowl/cup/mug of hot soapy water and just start squeezing and un-squeezing the bottle with the cleaning mixtures - do this several times then repeat with warm clean water.

  2. yay! thankee! and lemme know and i can send you a few thermal baggies or non thermal lunch baggies to hold bento!

  3. i unknowingly will shove the straw up my nose. i can be such a klutz with awful hand-eye coordination!!! XD

    yes i think it's my blonde streak >.>

    hahhahaha -goes to get a drink and instead... up goes the straw!- XD whats bad is if you breath in XD

    oooooooooooo cucumbers!!!!!!! =D DELISH!!! ^^

  4. Well they have to put that warning on the cups for those who get distracted and go for a drink and sporks themselves in the nose...I wouldn't that of course *Shifty eyes*

    The bento looks yummy and those bottles look so cute! Do you have a baby bottle cleaner brush to clean them?