Friday, February 27, 2009

Breakfasty foods!

Today I got up in time to make breakfast and lunch!! Yay!!

For breakfast, I had half a tamagoyaki, and some strawberry yogurt with starfruit and a little bit of strawberry drizzle in it! I loves me some starfruit. Unfortunately in transit the yogurt didn't look like this anymore!! XD

Lunch was a mix of breakfast and lunch foods! The other half of the tamagoyaki, some blueberry sausage from Hannafords cut up into pieces, (YUM!!) and a small salad of carrots, celery, and lettuce with some low fat Caesar dressing! :D


  1. Your lunch looks really healthy. ^^
    But the breakfast is the best! How'd you get those star shaped fruit? Or did you cut it out yourself? You called it "starfruit"... *has no idea* x_x

  2. Lets see if this works now!!!

    What does starfruit taste like? I have seen it in the stores but it is always so expensive!!!

  3. I think I would be happier if I had blueberry sausage. That yogurt looks so beautiful!

  4. Starfruit is starfruit! Thats what it looks like KA, it comes in a football shaped fruit with deep ridges, and when you cut it into slices, it is star shaped! It tastes like grapes... KINDA. It doesn't have a strong flavor at all. I quite like it! ^^

  5. FL- the blueberry sausage was AMAZING. very sweet, kinda syrupy, all WIN!!