Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Bento! I got up early to make this one!!

This is open faced rice burgers, with cheese and lettuce!

This is seaweed salad on the right, then some scrambled eggs and cheese, and some strawberry agar jelly that I made last night especially for bentos in the little aluminum wrapper! Now... I have SO much leftover jelly!! It's EVERYWHERE in my fridge!! That little box makes a LOT! AGH.

Last, my beef teriyaki onigiri!


  1. OH YUMMY!!!! Did you buy agar agar and MAKE the jelly? I dont know much about that stuff - maybe you could make a post about it?

    Do you like the seaweed salad? I like it but can not eat a lot of it.

    I will nom your onigiri and rice burgerz NOM NOM NOM

  2. nope, it was a box mix where I just had to boil water and the mix, then take it off of heat and add some milk. It's ok, I'm not big on any type of jello as it is, i take a long time to eat it and have to eat it a certain way haha!

    I love seaweed salad, I'm sad there is no more in my bento! :( It was one of my 1st japanese foods, I used to get it all the time at Hannafords, along with their amazing shrimp gyoza, of which I have not tasted better so far.

  3. Wow, rice burgers. I have never heard of this before. Do you like it? What do you think it tastes like? ^^

  4. its rice in a burger shape ^^ grilled, then with toppings. Apparently they're very popular over in Japan, which supposedly you can order them in fast food places