Friday, March 27, 2009


Okonomiyaki: a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki meaning "grilled" or "cooked." It is often called a pizza for the way it is cut up after it is done, for everyone to enjoy.

Once again, I rushed when taking the pics and the last ones didn't come out! ARGH!

This is an okonomiyaki spatula! It was surprisingly sharp on the edge, to cut the okonomiyaki into slices like a pizza after its all done! It's very small, about 6 inches long total. Didn't help much when I was trying to flip it! I'm not sure if I made my okonomiyaki too big or if there are other size spatulas. *shrug*

My okonomiyaki was made with leftovers! Yay fridge cleaning! I had already started making everything when I realized... I'M OUT OF EGGS! So for the pancake batter, I just used milk and hoped for the best. Okonomiyaki is usually made on a grill/griddle, but I used a skillet as I didn't feel like cleaning my griddle. I started by sauteing cabbage (a must for okononiyaki! Apparently, you are supposed to mix the batter and cabbage together, grill, then put your toppings on top and flip it over and finish cooking.) and celery and onions, and then putting my pancake batter with only milk (lol!) on top and spreading it out. I let that cook for a while, then flipped it. After it was done cooking I added my NOMTASTIC okonami sauce that I had a VERY hard time finding, and topped that with some Kewpie mayo! NOM. In some parts of Japan, I guess they add bonito on top of that. But really, it's all up to you!

I give it a HUGE thumbs up! My batter tasted pretty good, as well! XD


  1. I CANT BELIEVE YOU MADE THIS!!!! *bows down and worships ryry*

    I am going to have to try it now! I cant let you show me up!!!! CHA!

  2. XD!! I'm gonna making a better one maybe tonight! CHA yourself!!!!!!! This time... hmm, shrimp and onion and maybe some mushrooms! and celery! NOM

  3. NO. lol yea i just typed it really fast, and now, reading it again, I am appalled.

  4. Maybe next time you go shopping look up one of these just add water mixes - we use them when camping and they are so very good!

  5. I like the taste of the add oil milk and egg one a lottt better :)