Monday, March 16, 2009


My weekend was busy!! On Saturday, we had the Chocolate Buffet at the Boston Langham Hotel, a ritzy place where I felt SO out of place! LOL. BUT! It was amazing!!!!!!!

My parents and Kelley and I went into Boston on the magical MBTA!

(I had 4 cotton candies!!! YUM!)

And last...

Made to order chocolate crepes! Ugh.... so good.

*passes out* Chocolate overload.


  1. ZOMG!!!! It looks amazing!!! I can't believe you ate 4 cotton candies! X__X!!!

  2. haha!!! I ate a LOT. It was pretty expensive, and I was gonna make it worth it!!! XD!

  3. Chocolate Factory!!!
    That plate of sweet foods (the second last picture) - sooooo good. X___X

    Glad to hear you had a blast! ^^
    Umm, I can't remember if you said this already, but does this happen every year?

  4. lol! It happens every Saturday at this one hotel ^^