Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Pattys Day parade

Kelley and my friend Dennis and I go to the parade!!

I'm not going to do a photo dump, but I will pick my faves! For all my photos, go to: My Photobucket Page

First in the parade was the Police part! There were the bike police, the mounted police, the ambulances, the firetrucks, the motorcycles, the communications trucks, etc., and my fave:

The spy truck!! It's hard to tell, but theres a guy all in black sitting on the top hatch waving. It was quite amusing.

Lots of horses!! Yay!
There were lots of trolleys, LOTS of marching bands, from military bands, to traditional bands, to school kids bands.

One of my fave parts was the Star Wars brigade. Heh.

Lots of Unions marched also. TONS of veterans. And of course good ol' St. Patrick himself. LOL It was a pretty long parade, we were at the end of the 22-mile route, and there were some gaps lol but none as bad as the initial 45-1 hour gap between the police and the rest of the parade! LOL We were so annoyed until it finally got to us.

There were lots of antique cars, most of which were old police/military cars. It seemed there were some from each major war.

There were also the Chinese represented there! There is a huuuuuge Asian population in Boston.

If I could figure out how to embed the video properly, I could show you! LOL, and also the guns firing every so often was a crowd favorite. Esp. the Revolutionary guns and such.
Here's at least a picture of just before one group fired.


From Toucher and Rich 104.1: ADOLPHO!!

And last, there were quite a few bands, this one was quite good.

More pics when Kelley sends them to my photobucket!!


  1. RYRY!!!! IT LOOKS SOOOOOO COOOOL!!!! You are so lucky to live in a cool town with culture!!!

  2. I know eh! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing all these pictures. It was so much fun going through them! ^_^

  3. ^^ no prob! I promised you guys I would take pics!!