Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ho hum...

Not much for lunch today... A day's 'special' riceball from the japanese market, Kotobukiya. And a pudding lol. The onigiri is 'fried chicken' inside, it's a little spicy lol. *sigh*


  1. HEY RYRY!! I have missed you and your bentos! :) How was the onigiri?? I need to try to add fillings to mine.

  2. so good ^^ even better cuz I didn't have to make it HAHA! It had this cool wrapping on it... see the red arrows? the center strip came down, then you tug on the sides to open it, so that the onigiri is intact :D cuz beforehand, the nori and the rice are seperated by plastic so that it doesnt get soggy! Onigiri innovation!! XD