Thursday, February 26, 2009

Italian Japanese

Last night as I was wandering my kitchen looking for food to eat, I figured I would clean out the fridge before stuff went bad. I had leftover dumpling wrappers, pizza sauce, and mushrooms. What to make? Of course! Pizza dumplings!

I had initially thought, ew, this is going to be gross, because the wrapper won't fit in with the sauce taste. I was so, so wrong. They tasted just like little crispy calzones. They rocked. I had to make more. But I was out of mushrooms! So I made cheese and sauce ones! Just as amazing. Yum!!! I had wanted to save some for lunch today, but that didn't happen haha oops!

I did learn that you do NOT want gyoza wrappers to get wet before you pan fry them, however. They blow RIGHT up, and then pop and all the filling comes out! I WTFed quite loud the 1st time that happened, and all it takes is a LITTLE bit of water...

so yea!


  1. We italians have been making gyoza for years! We call them RAVIOLI!! LOL!!!

    I just bought some gyoza skins so I think I am going to try this out! OOOH, how about like mini tacos with cheddar and taco meat?! I bet that would be awesome too!!

  2. lol i love ravioli ^^

    these really reminded me of calzones though, cuz of the taste of the 'crust', they were awesometastic :D!!!!