Thursday, February 19, 2009

i haven't forgotten you!

Haven't posted in a while... haven't been bentoing! oh no! I blame poorness haha... and super business... and mostly LAZINESS!

I do have to upload my recent finds at the Asian market. They are undergoing a small remodel, and the last time I went, I found quite a few more Japanese things than they normally have! Like... an okonamiyaki spatula. I found 2 of them and got them immediately. Also, a hot dog cutter for octopus shape, and a small mortar and pestle, and hmm... they had some new styles of mini silverware, and Kelley got her 1st bento box! Awww! Pics later!

Also, recently, she made me her 1st bento! I was so hungry at the time, I ate it and then regretted not taking a pic first! It was some fresh sugar snap peas, and grilled rice with green onions. Plain, but good! Yay!

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  1. YEAH!! RYRY IS BACK!!!! Please post pics ASAP!!! :)