Monday, February 23, 2009

Take along maki

Whee! This was my lunch today. Sticky rice with soy sauce flavored furikake, and nori strips. The nori brand I bought is Korean, and thinner than ones that I normally get, but still good! Each pack has 8 strips in it. :) Nom Nom Nom!!!


  1. I've never tried Korean nori but have read it tastes good! What do you think about it? I guess it is for nomming on its own and not wrapping maki or onigiri because it is thin and would break, right? TELL ME MORE!!!!

  2. ive had no problem with it breaking, i also dont roll it all the way, I just bend it in half around the rice :) I like it, it's good!! I also really like seaweed, so I dunno if that plays a part in it... :D