Monday, February 23, 2009

Japanese food finds

Asian mart post!!

So, the Kam Man has been switching around it's stock, making room for the new beer and wine section that will be there in the spring. I have steadily noticed that they keep getting more and more Japanese items, which is awesome, yet frustrating, because a few times I scoured every single aisle looking for a couple items, and couldn't find it, yet browsing, I see the dashi, for example, and out loud accidentally went 'goddamn bastards!!'. Hah. ^^;;; It really took so long, before... ugh.

Here's my small haul last night before the girl dragged me away.
Small packages of nori strips for lunches, dried wakame, hon-dashi packets, my beloved jasmine green tea, and rainbow boba balls!!! Yay!

A note on jasmine tea. It's amazing. It's got 0 calories, 0 everything, just a little bit of sodium from the preservatives so it doesn't go bad in the store. And it tastes very very good. *nod*

I made some of the boba last night, and put my jasmine tea in it. It was ok, but milk tea goes a lot better with it. (Lollicup FTW!!)


  1. Okay - so is "boba" the same as "bubble tea"?? And WTB is lollicup?? I must know! OH, and I love the Friendly's cup in the background! LOL

  2. boba is the tapioca balls themselves.
    lollicup = amazing. a little expensive, but oh so good.
    and yea, thats kelleys tip cup for work XD

  3. Thanks for the info, girl! *puts $1 in tip cup*

  4. ah i wish that reached here, haha.

  5. it is the bubbles from bubble tea, with jasmine green tea :)