Thursday, September 3, 2009


Long time since the last post! x_x
My summer post!!
Saw RENT- already mentioned that, but here is the one picture I got, of the woman who played Maureen!

Also this summer, I went to the Museum of Bad Art! There, they had a fake camera (sorry for the dark picture, it was very dark there, it's in the basement of the Dedham Theatre, just outside the men's bathroom) to make sure no one did anything to the art there. The MOBA is just as it sounds, it's a museum showcasing bad art, whether it be from lack of technical skill to just plain WTF-ness. haha! There are rules to what qualifies or not.

NOW! This is my food blog, so here's some food pictures!!

Fresh pasta and sauce, with brioche roll.


Dip the cube steak into first buttermilk (milk and a bit of lemon) then flour and spice mix, then egg wash, then breadcrumb mix. I use panko and seasoned breadcrumbs mixed up.

Pan fry the cube steak

Make sure it's cooked all the way through! Then NOM! Goes great with white spiced gravy and potatoes!

A random bento I had:

(Ate half before I remembered to take a pic! Oops!) Rice with seasoning, mac and cheese, and leftover chicken fried steak!

A cake I made!

Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting, topped with sprinkles and a few maraschino cherries.

Now THIS I had the other day! I took my friend to Porter Square for some real Japanese food.

I had Oyakodon (literally parent and child bowl, chicken and egg), miso soup, and my friend and I shared some takoyaki! It was soooo good! My friend is now begging me to go back again haha! Another converted person to Japanese food!


  1. I am so glad you finally posted all this stuff!!!!!! Thanks for the chicken fried steak tutorial... I seriously am going to make it soon!

    YAY for oyakodon! Did you like it? How was it with nori on top like that?

  2. That is an AWESOME cake, Ryn!!! You frosted it really well - it looks very good. ^^ I have such a hard time with the frosting...=/ But still, isn't it so much fun!? Did you make this cake from scratch?

    I see you really liked Rent, too, eh. A couple of my friends were gushing about it too. I don't know much about it, myself though.

    Looking at all these foodies pictures is making me very hungry. lol

    Oh, and that chicken fried stick for Kiyuri looks wonderful! You mentioned using a spice mix - which type was it? Like, steak mix kind of thing? Or was it home spices all mixed together? ^^

    And finally, yay for another blog post! ^_^

  3. @avie- i loved the oyakodon! it was all great! the only thing is whatever that red stuff was, it was very sweet, and i liked IT, just not it + the oyakodon! so i ate it seperately haha i have NO idea what it was.

    @KA- the cake was from a box ^^;;; and thanks! my trick for frosting is to make sure it is room temperature, and that the cake is cooled, but still slightly warm to melt the frosting enough to make it spread well. Then I just fiddle with the frosting with a knife till it is how I like it haha!
    The spice mix was just mostly flour, then a hand selected mix of spices, I use creole seasoning, errr sassafras, *thinks* i can't remember... haha I toss it in at the time for whatever I'm craving! ^^
    And RENT! <3 I love it haha! Look up the plot on wikipedia or something? I could give a looong plot summary but I gotta run home now!