Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo dump!

Awesome weekend. *dies* wheeee!!
Its a (to take Avie's phrase from RPW!! (Random picture weekend!)

FIRST OFF my food bloggage!

My first hotpot!! I sat at the counter so its an individual thing, theres a hole in front of each person with a heat pad under it, and a pot of whatever soup base you want comes out, then each food item that you order comes out raw, then after its boiled, you dump it in, it cooks super fast (in a matter of 30 seconds to a minute or two) then enjoy!! NOMNOM. It was my first one so I accidentally ordered wayyy too much, I didn't realize how much they gave you!! X_X!! I forgot to take a pic until I was mostly done! SORRY!

Next! A pic of some random guy in Cambridge that I took a while ago.

Oh, Cambridge. You're so silly.

NEXT! This past Tuesday was Warped Tour 09! It was fun...but IT WAS RAINING ARGH. Which sucks when this all happens OUTSIDE. What that translates to? This huge music tour, 50 bands, and because we were soaked and miserable, we saw 3. *shrug* ah well...

Lannen Fall! Yay local Boston bands!

Scary Kids Scaring Kids! They played my 2 fave songs, I was happy. =D

After that, on Saturday, was the Dew Tour ISF World Skateboarding Championships. It was so much more fun than I thought I would have. We stayed from 1 until 8pm haha! We had great seats for both sessions.
First was womens and mens park. Here's the course!


It's super hard to see, (IT'S A CELL PHONE ARGHHH) but even though he wasn't competing... TONY HAWK WAS THERE!! SO COOL!
After park was vert. We stayed for the womens (dude... there was a 13 year old competing.) competition, and saw the guys practicing, but we were tired by that time, and just left. :)
This one girl was trying to land a trick that would have made her the 1st girl to ever land it in any championship ever, but when we left she had only come veeeeery close a few times. It was cool to see all the guys, Tony Hawk included, trying to give her advise. =D

And last but not least... we saw RENT last night!!!

AHHH it was so awesome! Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp playing their roles as Roger and Mark! *squee*

And that's it for now folks!!!


  1. YEAH!!! RPW!!! I mean... RPMONDAY!!! Such awesomeness!!! It makes me want to go NUTS BANG all over my NINJA INFO CARDS!

  2. *hugs avie* you should really do that in private! you might get arrested if you do that in public!! LOL


  4. wow so much done id die doing that much stuff being away from my computer!! lol jk xD nice photos ryn

  5. Those are awesome pictures, Ryn. o_o
    I have never seen that kind of a setting before, an actual hotpot in a restaurant? More awesomeness. *_* I bet it was a lot of fun cooking yourself.

    And you attended a skateboarding competition! Weee!!! Lucky girl! ^^