Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick Post

left side: tamagoyaki, and for dessert, apple spice blintzes. right side: shrimp shumai, and mini shrimp and crab spring rolls. :)

Made it last night, a little disappointed for the lack of colors. Forgot to bring my cherries i had gotten from my parents for a snack haha ^^;


  1. OH YEAH!!! Looks great! It is an Asian appetizer bento! Too bad you forgot the cherries... but you can nom them when you get home! NOM NOM

  2. Did you make the shumai? Would you explain how? I'm a little mystified about shumai...but they look terrific.

  3. I didnt make the shumai, but...i did... microwave them myself! XD

    Its like a steamed (sometimes fried) mini gyoza/dumpling, really. :) Theyre good! Usually seafood.

  4. Those look like spring rolls! Seriously-yummy-food, Ryn! Keep it up. ^_^

    And the lack of colour thing - is totally okay. The bento box and that background = awesome! Makes up for it in my opinion.