Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finnish Foods!

Last week I went on a magical journey to Boston to find some elusive Finnish foods.
After some extensive interneting, I found 1 place that sells some!
Cardullo's! A little store in Harvard Square that I've been to before and forgotten about. Hah!

This is what I got!

2 bottles of Kristall, (Swedish nommy light soda, pear and black currant, only pear is shown right now, i accidentally tossed the other bottle!) Finnish sweet licorce, regular salt salmiakki, and double salt salmiakki! I didn't know if I was going to like it (I do like licorice a lot) but I do! Not enough to toss a bunch in my mouth at once, but one at a time slowly eating it it's pretty good! :D

Wasn't too expensive, I think for all that it was $14.

Yay! If anyone else has any recommendations, lemme know! I almost got marzipan (which I've had before) and turkish delight, but it was a little too expensive for that trip haha!


  1. ZOMG! You are so lucky to live in a big city!! Great finds!!!

  2. Cute store! Hope you can get Turkish delight next time! ^^

  3. Yar! Turkish Delight is amazing!!!! Well, great. Now I want some...