Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today's bento! The one on the right is for Steve, who is staying with us for a bit. Mine is on the left, bottom tier has rice and tamagoyaki, and the top tier has some leftover chicken that I cooked with spice and a little Bulldog sauce, edamame, mini sweet pickles, and mini shrimp and crab spring rolls! Steve's has just rice, tamagoyaki, and chicken. ^^


  1. It is about time you made bento, ya slacker!! ^^

    Looks great!! You have inspired me to make tamagoyaki and rice today for lunch (but mine will have UMEBOSHI!!!!)

  2. XD sorry i'm a slacker!! hehe

    bleh umeboshi and rice haha i need to find a good umeboshi recipe that doesn't have rice x_x i still don't like the combo together ><

  3. Yaay, a bento from Ryn! This picture is mouth-watering! And you made the food look so neat and tidy in the box. Just like Avie.
    *sigh* You guys make me want to get one of my own...x_x

    Okay, so wait, that brown thing that looks like french toast beside the white rice is tamagoyaki?

  4. yepyep KA~ thats the tamagoyaki! and aww you should get a bento! I can send you one if you want! Honestly, for me, my bentos often don't turn out so tidy and such ^^