Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So... today I finally got my new car!!!

Its a NEW 2009 Toyota Yaris!!


It's a really cool little car! Stress little haha just the way I like it, but I can fit in this thing. :) Long legs approved!

haha me and the car... next to us is a Ford Focus, its shorter in length than that haha! My mom keeps joking that her black lab is going to pick it up and dig a hole and bury it! >.>

Ahhh! Pepper no!! STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR!!!!

You can see a little of the inside here... I had to wait an extra couple days for the power one (the one they had in stock was no power, so manual change the rear view mirrors, which I did NOT approve of. haha! And power lock and unlock and a car alarm now, too!) The dash is nice and un-distracting in the middle.

Yay hatchback! I needed that for theatre stuff. ^_^

Overall... yay! Great gas mileage. Avg. 29 city, 36 hwy. Warranties coming at me every which way haha. Car is 16k, not including add-ons.



  1. WHAT A COOL CAR RYRY!!!!! I LUVS IT!!!!!! Yeah for small cars! *does the uber excited dance*

  2. What a cute car! I'm sure you will have lots of fun in it! For the price what could you ask for more?

  3. Beautiful colour... !!! Really nice car; congratulations again! ^_^