Monday, May 11, 2009

Bento food tube!

Time for a food tube update! (Yay Kiki for coming up with that name! Haha!!)

This thing insulated AMAZINGLY. Inside is metal, and the outside is plastic, I opened it up, and all my fridge stuff was the same temperature as when I packed it this morning. It hasn't been anywhere cool since. (My office is eh... 50s?)
Today's lunch is Cheesecake Factory leftover 4 Cheese pasta... (NOM. Great hot OR cold!), a green onion bun, and steroid grapes and a couple carrots. It was hard trying to fit as much as I could into the little containers, I'm used to the 2 tier box. The steroid grapes are named because...

They are massive. It looks like my glasses are farther back then they actually are. But this grape is bigger than my glasses lenses. It's about 1.5inches tall and the same width. I could only fit in 6 grapes and 2 carrots into the middle sized container.

For dessert was something I have yet to try because I was a little sketched out by it. Taro paste buns!

They are actually very good! I had no idea what to expect, I know that they are very popular in Japan. Wiki says: "It is considered a staple in oceanic cultures. It is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated plants. In its raw form the plant is toxic due to the presence of calcium oxalate, although the toxin is destroyed by cooking or can be removed by steeping taro roots in cold water overnight." It kind of reminded me of a not so sweet redbean paste, but... not. Lol! Hard to describe. Plus... IT'S PURPLE. hahaha!

Also, I wish to talk a bit about Asian pastry. This was what I had for breakfast this morning. (It's shiny cuz they wrap it in plastic for it to keep its shape.) First off, all the custards I've had from an Asian bakery have been amazing. For whatever reason, I don't like American custards that I have had. (Maybe one or two.) So good. Second, the bread it different. It's like a sort of pound cake but lighter... reminds me of a semi-heavy angel food cake. Not super sweet, but definately not bland. I very much approve. Also, there are a lot of puff pastry items. I find sometimes in anime and such that there are a lot of English and French influences, and what they percieve it to be. Maybe their foods reflect this as well? Thoughts?


  1. ZOMG!! Looks yummy! I have seen grapes like that here called "globe grapes". Do yours have seeds? Globes do.

    The desserts look beyond amazing. I luv asian baked nommies better than US types - less sugary.

  2. yea, these ones have seeds ^^ i dunno what theyre actually called haha i call any huge piece of fruit a steroid fruit

  3. i think i'm getting hungry again XD

    compare sizes with regular grapes and a ruler!!!! LOL!!!!

    i want one of those steroid grapes =D

  4. Steroid grapes... You're serious, aren't you? o.o'